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KYC Automation using AI techniques

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

What it's all about!

Do you have a KYC process for your business? Are you thinking to automate KYC process? No time to waste, the adoption rate is increasing. The KYC automation process powered by AI can be integrated with the customer on-boarding processes of Banking institutions, Insurance, Micro-finance providers, digital trading platforms etc. It can cover the following information:

  • Proof of Identity

  • Proof of Address

  • Account opening form

  • Client Information Sheet

Five step KYC automation process can be integrated with your business processes and get the results in less than a minute. Let’s take a look at the five step process:

1). Upload the scanned/digital copy of the ID card

2). System will extract the contents out of the ID card

3). Infer the contents and understand the context. For eg: Name, Gender etc.

4). Facial recognition and validation- Compare the captured image from device camera with the image from Id card

5). Final Validation- Validate the final extracted content with the customer

The Solution...

Challenges that we are solving...

  • Need of a centralised KYC process covering all the branches of a business entity

  • Enhance the accuracy and data security

  • Align data from multiple sources into a single data lake

  • Minimise the human intervention

  • Optimise the manpower cost

User Flow

KYC process automation using AI
Automated KYC process using AI techniques

Features of the solution...

  • An AI engine that can be custom trained for any ID cards and use cases

  • Computer vision based object detection and OCR+NLP solution for character recognition

  • Biometric based user validation- Facial Recognition

  • API call enabled integration with any platform or solution

How to use this!

  • We can integrate this with a Web-Mobile solution wrapper

  • Chatbot integration is also possible

  • Content extraction and facial biometric validation can be called as an API call as well


  • Organisations can facilitate seamless customer on-boarding process

  • Fast and accurate- Less than a minute five step process

  • It can scale up the number of documents processed in a day

  • Organisation can significantly reduce the manual workforce

  • On-premise deployment is also possible to cover up the data security concerns

For demo, please email us or call +91 94 00 74 74 84

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