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What we can do with your data

Team ElkanIO delivers you a data-driven consultative approach to solve the business problems. We churn out actionable insights from your business data. We have designed a data strategy roadmap to tackle real-world business problems with advanced data analytics techniques. It is a five-step process. 

Data Strategy Road Map: Our Data-Driven Approach to solve business cases.

1. Data Discovery

3. Data Processing

5. Data Visualization

2. Data Preparedness

4. Data Modelling

  • Research and Understand the business domain- A high-level understanding of client's business and its operations

  • State and address business problems- For eg- Sales Metrics to focus on customer retention, employee performance analysis etc.

  • Finalize the data sources and storage mechanisms- Data retrieval process and fix storage mechanisms such as cloud storage and file storage mechanisms

Amazon S3

Tools Used

1. Data Discovery

2. Data Preparedness

Tools Used

  • Perform Data Cleansing, Data Transformation and structuring operations on the retrieved data

  • Data pre-processing to make that as equipped for further analysis in order to churn insights

  • The objective is to remove data inconsistencies, data normalization, handle the missing values

  • At the end of this process, validate whether the data is ready for processing

Azure Data Factory

Tools Used

3. Data Processing

  • Explore the data

  • Identify important data points, variables and relationships

  • Data check and detection of anomalies

  • Apply statistical techniques to annotate the data

  • Choose the relevant data modelling techniques

4. Data Modelling

Tools Used

  • Descriptive and predictive modelling

  • Based on the processed data and your pain areas

  • Ranges from simple regression to deep learning

  • An iterative process to finalize the suitable model

  • Test the model using the relevant sample data related to your business or operations 

Tools Used

5. Data Visualization

  • Visualize the key insights from the data models using statistical interpretation

  • A user can interact with those insights by changing the data points and inputs

  • Easy-to-understand dashboard design to interpret the data in a meaningful way

  • User profile based data view (Eg: for CEO, COO, investors etc.)


Data-Driven AI solutions...

Prescriptive analytics enabled the automation of data-intense systems and workflows. Using properly structured data models

and machine learning algorithms, we can make predictions and churn out new insights. These Machine Learning algorithms can contextualize the information from huge data sets. Check out some of the solutions that we designed. 

Recommender system and sales predictions for Retail: We have designed and developed a recommender system for an online retail store, to recommend the products according to the buying pattern of a consumer. Based on the purchase data we predicted and forecast the sales for the coming month.

Predictive Maintenance for Energy and Utility firm: A solution that can predict asset/equipment failures proactively and execute the corrective measures before they occur. Our approach includes four steps: Collect, Analyse, Predict & React. By trend analysis, we understood the failure intervals and history. We designed an analytics dashboard from which a user can understand and visualize the performance of machinery.

Predictive Analytics for an IoT based Air Quality product- Created a data network from the moving sensors deployed on vehicles and various locations within the city to constantly monitor pollution and environmental factors. From the collected data, we explored the trend of temperature, PPM data etc. and forecasted the change in Air Quality Index. 

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