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How does a Facial Recognition System could benefit your organization?

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

An AI based computer vision solution powered by deep learning techniques to track and detect the faces. AI system will recognise the face from live video feeds captured from the camera network. Let's go through some quick facts about the AI solution below:

  • An AI-based software product that can be integrated into any camera networks

  • It can be deployed as an API call or an SDK to handle the facial recognition process

  • Powered by deep-learned models and facial recognition techniques

  • Training process to make the system capable to detect faces- Less than 30-sec process

Features of the face recognition system:

Emotion analytics is a key differentiator:

  • Track faces and detect emotions from real time video

  • System can predict the average emotion level of a crowd

Intrusion and access denied alerts:

  • Train the system with the faces, those who have access to security sensitive areas

  • Alerts will get triggered, if anybody out of the trained set detected (intrusion prevention)

Data Analytics powered dashboards to share insights:

  • Derive insights by analysing the video feeds from camera network

  • Dashboards to visualise the insights

Use cases that the system can solve:

Digital Onboarding:

  • To automate the registration/on-boarding process by taking a selfie and OCR from Id cards.

  • No form filling required.

  • Useful for banking/insurance sector and government initiatives

Entry restriction and intrusion prevention:

  • Trained system can detect if someone is crossing restricted areas other than an allowed person

  • Generate mobile alerts to supervisors and higher authorities

Attendance Management System:

  • Using facial recognition techniques system will capture the attendance

  • Calculate the effective working hours of an employee.

  • In case of a retail outlet, system can track inflow and outflow of customers also

Emotion analytics:

  • To gather overall emotion status of a group of people gathered in a meeting/conference.

  • Can be used in retail stores/shopping malls to measure rate of customer satisfaction

We have developed an AI based facial recognition system to handle the attendance management and intrusion prevention. Also it will let a user to train his/her face. If you would like to know more, please WhatsApp us on +91 9400747484 or email us:

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