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Fintech Chatbot

Chatbot for lead generation, customer onboarding and service support

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The client was in need of an automated solution to handle customer interaction. Basically who are at the different stages of the sales cycle. Prospective customers (leads), new customers and customer who are already enrolled.

Client provides microfinance services and investment plans like mutual funds, SIPs etc. 



We have proposed and developed a chatbot that can handle different operations such as 

Lead generation, Customer onboarding, Act as a front end for the customer support operations

Act as an assistant for users to check out account information, transactions details etc. 


  • Lead generation- The bot will manage to get information from users like Email, contact number and First name by providing information about products and services.

  • Customer onboarding- Automate KYC process by extract contents from ID cards and cross-matching the facial expressions and the image present in the card.

  • Customer support- Bot can act as a frontline defence and if the customer wants to talk to a human or in case of escalation- Bot will transfer the control to a human agent

  • Virtual assistant- Self-learning bot to understand user queries related to their account and transaction details. 

Frameworks/Technology: Python, Our own custom framework, Deep Learning, NLP algorithms

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Increased customer interaction will produce more leads and increased rate of new customer registration. 

Banking Chatbot

Banking Chatbot

Virtual Assistant for personal banking

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The client is a well-renowned bank in the middle east. Need to simplify the internet banking process. 


Developed a custom chatbot that can handle the internet banking process such as:

Fund transfer, Add beneficiary, Edit personal details etc. The user can casually chat with the bot. No need to navigate through the website to do personal banking.


This chatbot is also capable to cross-sell banking products and the qualified details will get the hand over to representatives over email or raise a request for a callback. 


Frameworks/Technology: Python, Dialogflow

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Improved operational efficiency and prediction of customer engagement rate

HR Chatbot

Intelligent chatbot that can automate operations handled by an HR

HR Chatbot

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The client is a staff augmentation firm partnered with many fortune 500 companies. They need a cognitive assistant that can handle queries from the employees those who are working at various client sites. 


The chatbot will handle basic queries like the contract start date and end date, notice period, hourly/monthly rate, leave cycle and application, public holidays, send an email to option (don't want to open the email client, just leave a text and select the user) etc. 


It will also handle the escalations and to share the relevant documents with the user. Documents are agreements, policies, various forms etc.

Frameworks/Technology: C#, Microsoft Azure Bot Framework, Microsoft LUIS, Microsoft QnAmaker

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A single chatbot can handle a large set of users. It will reduce the overhead of HR Managers and can reduce the number of executives under each manager. Hence increased ROI. 

Restaurant Bot

Restaurant Chatbot

Virtual waiter to take your orders

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One of our client from the middle east would like to have a virtual waiter who can take order by having a meaningful conversation. 

  • The bot can list down the dishes or restaurants based on the location. 

  • The user also has an option to chat with the bot by simply specifying the name. 

  • For eg- I need a vegan burger for two. The bot will throw a list of restaurant to choose. 

  • Finally, the bot will navigate the user to payment and finalize the delivery address.

Frameworks/Technology: Python,

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Improved UX and increase in cross-selling combo dishes

Sales Bot

Chatbot to automate the tasks of a sales executive

Virtual Sales Executive

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The client, a telecom service provider needs a solution that can reduce the number of customer service executives by automating their operations

  • We have developed an RPA based cognitive assistant, that can have a meaningful conversation with the customers.

  • It will share the active subscription plans, activate/switch subscription plans for customers, pitch in best plans for a particular user

  • Suggest special offers for a specific set of customers. Eg- To retain the unsatisfied customers

Frameworks/Technology: Python, Amazon Lex

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Lowered the operation cost of the physical stores and optimized resource management

Virtual Tech Support


Tech support bot

Virtual tech support agent to troubleshoot customer complaints

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The client needs a virtual assistant to handle the IT support tickets and to handle basic troubleshooting. 

  • RPA based virtual tech support agent. 

  • Can chat with the user and analyze the raised IT ticket

  • Understand the context and do basic troubleshooting

  • If complex, escalate to a supervisor 


Frameworks/Technology: Python, Rasa Stack

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Reduced the overhead of IT managers/supervisors. Lowered the operation cost

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