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Sports Analytics

Football Analytics Platform for a Chief Game Analyser of an EPL Team.

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The client needs to deliver insights to the team management for planning game strategy by analysing the previous matches played by the team and players. It should help the management to execute efficient transfer market operations to pick the relevant talents.



A web/mobile platform powered by advanced data analytics engine that can deliver meaningful insights related to player game performance. This platform uses the real-time global data source which covers 30 million games and 90 billion game events from 56 leagues. Out of this, we extracted 36k player information.


Player transfer market- 

Analyze and rate the players who delivered a quality performance in various game events. The platform will set weight for each game events and rank players according to their performance. A coach can compare players from their own team with opponents to do a SWOT analysis.


Game strategy-

Gain insights on game event based player performance against each opponent team. The platform is capable to show, how a player in the team performed against a particular opponent during the 90 mins gameplay (pros and cons). The team manager can gain insights related to the opponent players and their game style. 

Frameworks/Technology: Python 3, Machine Learning, MySQL, Angular 5, HTML 5, D3 Charts

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End to end Analytics platform that can derive insights from real-time data for player transfer market and prediction of game strategy. It will make the decision-making process more efficient. 

Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics for an Online Grocery Chain

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The client needs to analyse their sales data to gather insights for the sales enhancement.

  • Provided end to end retail analytics solutions which includes customer segmentation, RFM, Behaviour Analysis, Buying pattern & Trend analysis.

  • The final objective is to provide insights to run targeted marketing campaigns for specific customer groups.

  • User-based and Product based collaborative recommender system

  • Insights to design custom offers based on the buying pattern

  • It will handle sales forecast and predictions


Frameworks/Technology: Python 3, Machine Learning, C#, Angular 5, HTML 5, Google Charts

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Improved sales rate and increased customer retention rate. 

Healthcare Analytics

Data Analytics based solution to diagnose the health condition of a patient

Healthcare Analytics

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The client owns a kiosk machine to check certain medical parameters of a patient. Based on the medical data collected by the Kiosk and by analysing the patient’s EMR, the client needs to deliver meaningful insights and remedial measures.

  • An advanced analytics platform that can analyze the medical history and the patient’s medical data collected from the kiosk

  • 26 direct medical parameters identified and from those, we inferred around 51 parameters. For eg- Height + Weight (both are general) = Body Mass Index (Inferred parameters)

  • Combined the medical parameters identified and the electronic medical records available for a particular patient (Medical history)

  • Based on the above-mentioned data, the platform will provide insights related to the patient’s current health condition

  • The platform will suggest medicines based on the diagnosed health condition and final authorization is required from a doctor


Frameworks/Technology: Python 3, Machine Learning, Power BI

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Improved the quality of hospitality services and reduced the checkup time of a doctor

IoT- Data Analytics

IoT based Data Analytics

Advanced Analytics for an IoT based pollution monitoring product

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The client needs advanced analytics solutions to monitor and gain insights based on the real-time data collected from pollution sensors (client's proprietory product)

  • Ongoing support to analyze the real-time raw data collected from the sensors and the open APIs

  • Real-time data from the sensors cover the pollution data and the open APIs will provide the weather data

  • We provide data analytics solutions ranging from data warehousing (ETL) to advanced data analytics solutions. 

  • Advanced Data Analytics solutions- Will churn out meaningful insights and inferences from the data collected from various sources.

  • For eg- It will pick the alarming changes on the real-time data, from a particular region

Frameworks/Technology: Amazon S3, Amazon Lambda, Amazon Redshift, Amazon EC2, Amazon ElasticSearch, Amazon Cloud 9, Power BI

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Real-time data analysis to trigger alarms and also to control the rising level by auto-adjusting the threshold 

Decible Analytics

Intelligent solution to control noise

Decibel Analytics

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The client is a rental property owner. They need an automated solution to control the excess noise from the rooms, which may cause trouble to the nearby occupants.

  • Developed an alert system to control the voice levels

  • Web app for property owner: can annotate different noise profiles for each source

  • We designed an intelligent system to set the noise threshold automatically

  • Send alert notification when it is approaching and crossing the threshold limit

Frameworks/Technology: Python 3, Machine Learning, Plotly Dashboard

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Improved hospitality services and customer satisfaction

FMCG Analytics


FMCG Analytics

Analytics Solutions for FMCG Chain

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Client needs an efficient stock and inventory management system and Sales performance analysis. 

  • Developed an order prediction system that can effectively manage the inventory management system.

  • Sales Performance analysis: to rank and visualize the performance

  • Geo-location based analysis of sales in region-wise outlets

Frameworks/Technology: Python 3, Machine Learning, Tableau

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End to End performance analysis of retail chain sales

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