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Strategize your Conversational User Experience: Chatbots and Voicebots 

Are you looking for a chatbot for your brand?
24x7x365 customer support.png

24x7x365 customer support. The bot can handle the repetitive questions and queries related to a user account. Eg: Booking, shipping status etc.

FAQ bot.png

Share your FAQ with us. We could train the bot to answer the queries related to your offerings and products

live chat.png

Live chat transfer to your support team, if the bot gets stumped or the user requests for a human to chat.


Lead Generation bot to collect lead information in a non-intrusive way. By walking users through your products, offerings and services.

Would like to hear what's in your mind in detail. So that we can build a custom chatbot based on your requirement. Drop an email to


Design your bot on your own: CreyoFace

Our custom chatbot development framework


Develop your own chatbot using our Do It Yourself (DIY) bot framework. It is equipped with a Content Management System (CMS) to manage the bot. You can do the following steps to create your own chatbot and deploy.

  • Drag and drop conversation widgets and create a conversation flow

  • Update Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to your brand using our CMS

  • You can train the bot by specifying the entities and intents to understand the context

  • Select the deployment channel- Facebook channel, Website, Mobile app and support various enterprise apps.

Main advantages are zero developer dependency, 100% customizable - Easy to integrate AI and RPA modules and Multi-language support.

Industry-based chatbot use cases

Banking Chatbot

  • Bots can act as personal banking assistance, by providing a conversational interface

  • Ease of checking transaction history, credit balance, payment history, bank statements etc.

  • Activities like adding a beneficiary account, fund transfer made easy without cluttered website navigation

  • Based on the conversation, banks can cross-sell its services and products accordingly by understanding the customer needs 

  • It can also handle FAQ from customers and deployed in bank's websites and mobile apps.


Automotive Chatbot

  • Chatbot can be designed to handle the services of a car sales executive, car service executive, accessory agent etc. on a 24x7 basis. 

  • Bots will be helpful for a new car or used car dealers, service stations and accessory stores etc. to automate the initial customer interaction.

  • Lead generation- Introducing available car models, variants, price and specifications, offers etc. and fix a callback with the prospective customer

  • Fix the service schedule and related queries regarding the accessories, etc. can be handled by the chatbot.

  • It can be deployed in any channels like Facebook messenger, Mobile apps, Websites and portals etc. 


HR chatbot

  • The bot can handle questions all major HR touchpoints.

  • Leave Management- Employees can apply planned/unplanned leaves by having a casual chat. The bot will process the approval.

  • Handle FAQs of a company and various policies

  • Reimbursements- Chatbot will interact with an employee and collect details. Finally, it will fill in a template and email to the concerned department

  • Payslips, Tax information, Salary Structure and Insurance related information will get shared on request over chat

  • Periodic employee interactions to gather feedback, leave reminders, Timesheet checks etc.

  • Compatible with most of the HRMS solutions and can be deployed in website and portals


Real estate chatbot

  • This chatbot will helpful to real estate, asset management and for a consortium of property owners

  • 24x7 interaction with prospective customers

  • By having a chat with users, the bot will list down the available properties

  • Features are finding a property and its specification, price etc., handling rental agreement generation by taking user inputs, automation of property visit scheduling

  • Calendar and email integration

Chatbots and voicebots for Enterprises & Consumer brands

The major instances of enterprise-level applications are self-service bots, 24x7 automated interactions and business process automation by integrating with existing ERP, CRM and HRM solutions.


Chatbots can be very useful for serving branding needs as well. For example- World's leading cosmetic product manufacturer is providing make-up tutorials over a chatbot based on the product you are interested in. Like an FMCG store, providing recipes based on their processed food products etc. So branding chatbots seem to be on the rise to engage the customers more and to retain them.


Voicebots are the next buzz word turned reality. According to Gartner and Forbes, by 2020 the most of the support and service industry will adopt voice bots as a primary customer interaction tool. We have built expertise in handling Amazon Alexa Skills and Google home Actions. This will provide a voice-based conversational interface for users to interact with brands. 

What does make the Chatbot as a personified solution?


Natural Language Processing

Bots can understand the phrases, usages, idioms etc. They can reply back accordingly to make it more personal, instead of listing down the search results.

deep learning.jpeg

Machine Learning

It enables the bots to think and respond. By analysing the conversation history and more chats coming in, the bot can perform predictive analysis to give relevant answers back.


Emotion Analytics

The bot will analyse the up to 7 emotion level. Not only anger, fear and happy but also Joy, Disgust, fear etc. We can customise bot's dialogue flow based on emotion status. 

Conversational UX Strategy



Sit with your team and analyse the touch points, that has to be addressed by the chatbots



Set up a basic conversational flow of the chatbot, design the knowledge base for the questions that the bot may encounter with.



Develop a basic version of a chatbot by implementing the flow created in the 2nd step. Rollout a workable solution like a POC/MVP



Improve the functionalities and enhance the scope to serve more workflows. The final step is deployment & integration with your processes and tools 



Why a Chatbot for your business?

24x7 customer support and they can automate repetitive tasks


Bots can be deployed in multiple messaging channels like Skype, Slack, FB Messenger etc. 


Bot development is a one-time investment and handles any number of users.  



Increased ROI than mobile apps and convenient to use & maintain

Other Bot Development Frameworks that we use
Azure Bot Framework
Amazon Lex
IBM Watson
alexa skills
Google actions
Dialog Flow
Rasa NLU

Yet to make a decision? Share your thoughts with us. We can think through together.

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