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Document Parsing and Content Extraction- An AI-powered version

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Back-office automation

These days AI and Machine Learning is turning into reality from buzz words to concepts and to solutions. It is not disrupting the business models as we can see in sci-fi films. But at this juncture of AI advancements, industries and industry experts are in search of AI solution that can automate a specific set of business operations.

Here is an AI solution to automate tedious back-office automation tasks like data entry jobs, data processing and form filling activities. How about an AI solution that can automate document parsing and content extraction? Let's check out its benefits:

  • Back-Office Automation: It covers data entry automation, Automated form and template filling, extracting relevant information from Invoices, Bills, Agreement documents etc. It saves a lot of time and reduce the man hours required for data entry.

  • KYC Process Automation: Know Your Customer part can be handled efficiently here. Digital on-boarding is possible by extracting the personal identification details from the ID cards without human intervention.

  • Real time Data Digitisation: In this era of digital transformation, migrating the legacy paper work approaches to digital is a tedious and time consuming process. With this AI system a single page can convert to digital content within one click.

  • Hand Writing Recognition: System is equipped to understand hand written content in the invoices, bills and agreement documents.

  • NLP powered Context Understanding: Extracted contents should get displayed in a meaningful way, like a key value pair. Extracted information should get stored in the databases, or might be required to fill an email template or forms etc. Natural Language Processing (NLP) plays a huge role in this.

How does it work for your requirement?

We have developed a custom AI based training Algorithm for text detection and recognition powered by deep learning techniques.

  • Input will be a digital version of a document- It can be a PDF, images, DOC and Excel sheets.

  • System will detect and extract contents

  • Extracted contents can be export as word, email, jSON file etc.

The steps are the following:

  1. Create data set for training: Characters, words and combination of words etc. It can be also called as 'data labelling' to train the system.

  2. Our custom AI training algorithm: Developed using tensor flow framework can be used to train the system what to detect and recognise from the input images. With multiple iterations the quality can get improved.

  3. Parse the document line by line and extract contents based on the structure present in the input file.

  4. NLP techniques will get applied to use the contents meaningful by understanding the context.

We have developed an in-house solution which covers the above use cases. Would like to know more or to have a demo, write to us:

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