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AI Chatbots | Advanced Data Analytics | Business Automation | Platform Development


AI Chat bots | Advanced Data Analytics | Business Automation

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Artificial Intelligence as a Service


Video Analytics

Using computer vision and deep learning algorithms we track objects, behaviours and patterns from video feeds. Visualize the insights gathered through an interactive dashboard


Advanced Data Analytics

End-to-end data management support. Churn out insights from your business data and predict or forecast results. Descriptive dashboards with great visualization of the captured insights

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Conversational AI

We have an in-house DIY based framework to develop bots. Powered with NLP engine, content management system to train and create conversational assistants without coding.


Facial Recognition Solution

Ready to use APIs for face recognition solutions. Two second process to train the face and our face recognition engine will detect facial impression from video feeds or images. 



Automate your repeated business operations using Robotic process automation solutions. We have expertise in off-the-shelf and custom automation solutions.


Context based Content Extraction 

Information extraction from the scanned copy of the documents and understanding the context using NLP engines. We have developed plug and play APIs to enable the integrations.

Our Approach


We sit with your team and develop a blue print for AI integration touchpoints.


Design the solution architecture and confirm the development approach


Initial POC development and scale the solution through incremental approach


Constant feedback collection and improve the system performance through iterations


Our Products...

Sports Event Tagging Automation (SETA)
  • An AI-based solution to automate the manual game event tagging process
  • Deep Learned system will track game events from the broadcast videos
  • Significant reduction in the turn around time to develop game event database
  • Advanced data analytics platform- To derive insights on player performance

Our Solutions


Document Parser and Content Extractor

  • A cognitive solution powered by Computer vision, deep learning and NLP techniques
  • Portal to train the system with multiple document sets (Eg: ID cards, Invoices etc.)
  • Share a scanned copy of the document as input and the system will extract contents based on the context.
  • Extracted contents can be used to fill in document templates, database & email integration
  • Easy integration with web, mobile and kiosk platforms

Contactless access control and attendance management- Facial recognition

  • Computer Vision-based solution powered by deep learning
  • Less than 30-sec training process to train the system with facial impressions
  • It can be used for attendance calculation, footfall, access control etc.
  • Facial recognition and tracking can be used for calculating operational efficiency
  • Easy to integrate with any web-mobile portal and it could take input from any camera network

Bot development framework with Content Management System

  • Develop your own bot by yourself- Do It Yourself bot framework
  • Drag and drop widgets, then create a conversation flow
  • Deploy and integrate across web, mobile, Facebook and enterprise apps
  • Zero developer dependency
  • Equipped with a content management system to tweak the flow
  • 100% customisable- Integrate custom AI and RPA modules.

Business process automation solutions

  • Conversational AI to capture user inputs and automate the back-office related operations.
  • Inside sales automation- Our system will automate the prospecting, lead qualification and initial mailers
  • You can export the prospect list in Excel sheets or to a CRM
  • Recruiter bot- Will pull out resumes from various recruitement websites and parse accordingly
  • Intelligent approach to pull out the matching resumes and reach out the candidates
  • Both of the solutions are powered with NLP, deeplearning and computer vision so

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Data Science Consultant?

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Here is a one-stop solution, partner with Team ElkanIO


Team ElkanIO

Founded in 2017 with a mindset to tackle the real world problems by using emerging digital technologies. A team with hands on experience in developing Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics solutions to cater various industry needs. Our expertise range includes: 

  • Bespoke Cognitive Assistant Solutions

  • Predictive Maintenance Solutions

  • IoT-Software development support

  • Retail Analytics solutions

  • Computer vision based machine learning solution

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