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Use cases of SETA- Sports Event Tagging Automation

Hope you all got an overview of SETA from the last post: Here we would like to share the user persona or use cases of SETA. We can classify the user segment as two:

1). Sports Analysts- For those who tag sports events manually to generate game data

2). Sports team management and coaches- For those who are purchasing game event data for huge price.

Be it any sport. Input to SETA will be the live or broadcast videos. It will capture and detect all pre-trained game events from the video and populate the same in real-time mode.

Benefits for Sports game event tagging analysts:

  • Automatic game event extraction

  • From live and broadcast videos

  • Reduce the turn around time

  • Cost savings

Benefits for Team Management/coaches:

  • No need to purchase game data

  • Automated game data generation from broadcast videos

  • Easy integration to the web-mobile based platforms

  • More effective way to analyse the player performance

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