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Sports Event Tagging Automation (SETA)- An Overview

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Analytics in sports is a boon. Both on-field and off-field analytics play a huge role in elevating the game experience into a new level. On-field analytics is primarily focused on the player performance and the off-field analytics focused on business side of the game.

How about a platform that connects two ends. Yes! from the available game data, a coach or team manager can analyse the player performance, compare the player performances, opt out for the best fit talent etc. The list of insights will be endless. Here the data plays a huge role. How accurate is your data, quality of your insights will be as good as it is.

About the current scenario of the data collection/game data generation- Manual tagging of the game event data consumes ton of time and manual labour. Eventually it will take a big toll on the monetary aspects. So purchasing these data will cost some chunks of penny from your pocket.

Automated sports event tagging
Automated Event Tagging from game videos

Automated Game Event Tagging: A right fit solution powered by computer vision and deep learning techniques to track game events automatically. A software system powered by the deep learned model can parse game broadcast videos and detect the game events and populate the same to a database. It can structure the game data based on each player, team etc. Eventually we can make the performance analysis lucid and effective.

Advanced Data Analytics- Game data generated using the deep learning and computer vision techniques will be plugged in to a web-mobile platform powered by Advanced Data Analytics. Coach/manager can configure the performance metrics that he need to focus. Finally he can compare the players & team with others and understand the areas of improvement.

Stay tuned for more! Will share this in detail in coming days. To know more about SETA, please drop an email to

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