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AI Solution Development Partner for Digital Transformation Consultants

Business transformation through digital solutions is no more a buzz phrase these days. Most of the businesses are undergoing an adoption phase by procuring more automation solutions. During the emergence of internet, the transformation phase was keen to establish digital footprints. Now a days it has advanced to automation level. The business processes are getting automated. For example- Automating customer interaction, Back office operations etc.

Impact of digital transformation will vary for each industry verticals.

In order to establish an efficient set of digital transformation solutions in a business, it requires two skill sets. Domain knowledge and a solution development team in fact a bunch of tech geeks. Team ElkanIO fall in to the second category. We have fruitful partnerships with many digital transformation consultants across the globe from various industry verticals. They are also domain experts. Checkout how a tech-development team can support you.

Digital Transformation solutions
Digital Transformation solution development

Cognitive Assistants: Automated software systems that can interact with the customers 24/7 and drive initial sales conversations, handle customer queries related to a particular products, services, processes etc. It can replace all the mundane jobs that a human being do.

On the user experience level, it creates a new and vibrant way of digital interaction. By having conversations in natural language, it will act as a virtual representative for your business/company. Interesting fact is our assistants can take voice and text as input. Please check some of our Intelligent Assistants here.

Robotic Process Automation bots: With the expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision solutions, we can develop and deploy process automation bots that can handle tasks related to back-office automation, security solutions, content extraction, business process automation etc. Check out some of our AI solutions here.

Advanced data analytics: Combined with the intelligent chatbots, we can derive meaningful insights from the conversation history using advanced data analytics techniques like emotion and sentiment analysis, prediction of various metrics like sales forecast, customer retention rate, rate of resolving customer issues etc.

It also can be a stand alone advanced analytics platform, if the you can plug in your business data. It can develop various data models on the fly, based on the dynamic nature of the real time data. Finally, it will provide the meaningful insights with proper visualisations. Check out our data analytics solutions here.

Business model: You can share your ideas, probable solutions that will fit in as a perfect workaround for the customer issue. In order to enable the solutions, you can rely on us as a one stop technology partner. We are happy to support you in making the solution into reality. We are open to POC based approaches to educate the customer with the right set of solutions

The engagement mode can be time & material, fixed price, hybrid model etc.

Dynamic tech stack: Our technology stack keep growing from one engagement to other. Also we are passionate and enthusiastic in our technology domain. No need to worry about managing a development team at your end and keeping them updated with latest trends. We are ready to plug-in.

To know more about us, please see our explainer video here. If you have a requirement in hand, please drop an email to or give a ring to +91-94 00 74 74 84

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