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AI Chatbot as HR Assistant- HR Chatbot

Human Resources Manager or HR Manager needs to be in constant touch with employees to get to know their feelings and feedbacks towards the organisation. When an organisation grows or scale up in a good pace, upsizing of the HR team is also very important. If not it will affect the employee welfare.

HR Chatbot

With the emergence of AI and related exponential technologies, the time consuming and repetitive tasks or tasks with less human intelligence can be replaced by bots. By having a conversational UI/UX we can automate the HR operations. Eventually it will reduce the overhead of HR manager.

We have designed an HR chatbot to optimise the following aspects of HR operations:

  • Onboarding and Employee Exit Management- Bot will collect information over chat and fill in the forms

  • Leave Management- Employees can apply planned/unplanned leaves by having a casual chat. Bot will process the approval.

  • FAQs of company and various policies

  • Reimbursements- Chatbot will interact with employee and collect details. Finally it will fill in the template and email to concerned department

  • Payslips, Tax information, Salary Structure and Insurance related information will get shared on request over chat

  • Periodic employee interactions to gather feedback, leave reminders, Time sheet checks etc.

Deployment and Pricing- Cloud and on-premise deployment. We offer cloud support on AWS, Azure, Google cloud and IBM Bluemix. It can be then integrated with Web chat, Mobile app, Skype, Slack, and some relevant enterprise level chat softwares. Two modes of payment are available one time payment and subscription based.

Are you interested to know more about the bot? Please drop a message to for a demo.

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